50 Creative DIY Gift Ideas Using Leftover Yarn

21 Little Crochet Flower

Little Crochet Flower21. Little Crochet Flower (via marianna’s lazy daisy days)

22 Rag Pillow

Rag Pillow22. Rag Pillow (via Onni)

23 Yarn Baskets

Yarn Baskets23. Yarn Baskets (via Eighteen25)

24 Sea Pennies

Sea Pennies24. Sea Pennies (via Julia Crossland)

25 Crochet Cozy

Crochet Cozy25. Crochet Cozy: Keep the following wassail recipe warm with this featured Wassail & Crochet Cozy created specifically for a coffee mug. Download the pattern FREE! (via Meat is not a Side Dish)

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