50 Creative DIY Gift Ideas Using Leftover Yarn

16 Crochet Owl

Crochet Owl16. Crochet Owl (via Love the Blue Bird)

17 Tiny Creatures

Tiny Creatures17. Tiny Creatures (via Las Teje y Maneje)

18 Crochet Skulls

Crochet Skulls18. Crochet Skulls: Greeting Friends! It’s October already! Wow! For so many reasons this is my favorite time of year. New England foliage and the brisk, refreshing weather rank at the top of the list, but so do… (via Crochet Nirvana)

19 Stars on Glass

Stars on Glass19. Stars on Glass (via Häkelfieber)

20 Crochet Cat Bookmark

Crochet Cat Bookmark20. Crochet Cat Bookmark (via Happy Woman)

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