50 Creative DIY Gift Ideas Using Leftover Yarn

41 Simple Crochet Bows

Simple Crochet Bows41. Simple Crochet Bows (via things to make and do)

42 Warm Fuzzies Centerpiece

Warm Fuzzies Centerpiece42. Warm Fuzzies Centerpiece: To go along with my warm candlelight from yesterday, I also wanted my centerpiece to have some warm fuzzies. I went to Michaels for their New Year’s sales and bought some styrofoam balls and some y… (via The Hyper House)

43 Ice Cream Cozy

Ice Cream Cozy43. Ice Cream Cozy: Keep your fingers from getting cold while eating your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s! . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a food cover / cozy in under 60 minutes by crocheting with yarn and crochet hook. How To posted by Debbie J. Difficulty… (via Cut Out and Keep)

44 Colorful Granny Cover

Colorful Granny Cover44. Colorful Granny Cover (via stefanina’s dream)

45 Easy Keyboard Duster

Easy Keyboard Duster45. Easy Keyboard Duster: Use this easy crochet pattern to make a unique crochet pattern. Whenever you’re looking for something to dust off your computer keyboard with you can use your new duster. It’s handy for reaching small spaces in your home and office. (via Fave Crafts)

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