50 Creative Pumpkin Crafts You Can Easily Make

46 Vintage Inspired Pantyhose Pumpkin

Vintage Inspired Pantyhose Pumpkin46. Vintage Inspired Pantyhose Pumpkin (via Shabby Lane Shops)

47 Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin47. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin (via Cranial Hiccups)

48 Fabric Pumpkin

Fabric Pumpkin48. Fabric Pumpkin: I have to give a few disclaimers up front: 1. The photos are really, really bad. (did i mention bad?) 2. Because I had to use florescent light. Because it was nighttime when I took them. And I don’t feel… (via Thompson Family-Life)

49 Scrap Fabric Pumpkin

Scrap Fabric Pumpkin49. Scrap Fabric Pumpkin: I am not much of a Halloween or Harvest decorator. If I could choose team colors they would for sure be red and green. That said, my really good pal Karen asked if I would make her a pumpkin. I said no (I always say no first for some grumpy reason), because I am not really into pumpkins but then she bribed me with pork. This may sound weird but Karen and her husband own Heilman Hogwash Farm, and that is some super yummy local pastured pork. She also knows that I LOVE trade. So exciting! Here are the pumpkins… (via Gingercake)

50 Playful Pumpkins

Playful Pumpkins50. Playful Pumpkins: In my falling for fall mood, I just had to create some pumpkins! Ive seen them made all kinds of way in my short life and figured I would just throw some together. One of my goals was to use up fabric I have because our move made me realize I have way more than (via Happy Together)

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