50 Creative Pumpkin Crafts You Can Easily Make

41 3D Paper Pumpkin

3D Paper Pumpkin41. 3D Paper Pumpkin: Decorate your home or classroom for Halloween with this easy three-dimensional paper pumpkin project. (via First Palette)

42 Pumpkin Candy Pouches

Pumpkin Candy Pouches42. Pumpkin Candy Pouches: The pumpkin doilies were found at Dollar Tree and I had the bakers twine on hand. These are so simple to make but would be really great party favors or Halloween treats. Take 2 pumpkins and place them wrong sides together. Cut enough twine to go around the pumpkin and to be able to tie (via Organize and Decorate Everything)

43 Yarn Pumpkin

Yarn Pumpkin43. Yarn Pumpkin: I spent the weekend doing some fall decorating. how about you guys?This early in the season, I like to create small vignettes around my home with little touches of autumn. I love using textiles in my fall decor, and wanted use some of this yummy orange yarn to create a pumpkin. It looks cozy and kind of rustic I really like how it…Read More (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

44 Pom Pom Pumpkins

Pom Pom Pumpkins44. Pom Pom Pumpkins: Weblog of a home cook and crafter in the Boston area as she tackles baking and cooking in a teeny kitchen and embarks on various crafty and foodie adventures. (via Domestifluff)

45 Pantyhose Pumpkin

Pantyhose Pumpkin45. Pantyhose Pumpkin (via Associated Press Interactive)

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