50 Creative Pumpkin Crafts You Can Easily Make

26 Pumpkin Treat Bags

Pumpkin Treat Bags26. Pumpkin Treat Bags: Your guests won’t know which one to pick — every pumpkin in this patch hides delicious contents. (via Martha Stewart)

27 5 Minute Pumpkin

5 Minute Pumpkin27. 5 Minute Pumpkin: Make your own velvet pumpkins in minutes – the kids can definitely do this one. To make these you will need: a square piece of orange velvet (the bigger the square, the bigger the pumpkin), a 3 to 4-inch stick, stuffing and two rubber bands (one thin, one thick). (via Family Chic)

28 Ribbed Burlap Pumpkin

Ribbed Burlap Pumpkin28. Ribbed Burlap Pumpkin (via Scraps and Scribbles)

29 Twine Pumpkins

Twine Pumpkins29. Twine Pumpkins (via That’s My Letter)

30 Felt Pumpkin

Felt Pumpkin30. Felt Pumpkin: Ingredients: – 50 grams of orange wool roving (we used pumpkin, but mango, yam or banana would be lovely) – 30 grams of light green wool roving (we used snow pea) – 30 grams of dark green wool roving (we used asparagus) Tools: – Heavy weight Clover felting needle – Five needle Clover felting tool – Clover felting brush mat – Foam felting block Note: Do not use scissors to remove roving from the bundle. Tear sections of roving as a cut edge will be hard to blend or smooth. Click Here for the kit (via ornamentea)

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