50 Creative Pumpkin Crafts You Can Easily Make

16 Homespun Pumpkin Decorations

Homespun Pumpkin Decorations16. Homespun Pumpkin Decorations: Assembled from yarn, rope, and foam balls, these homespun pumpkin decorations are simple to make. For each, gently press top and bottom of a Styrofoam ball against a work surface to flatten ends (so ball doesn’t roll). Wrap orange roving around ball. Insert a T pin into top. Tie cream or orange mohair yarn to pin and cover ball. Cut a length of rope; place over pin, and attach with a hot-glue gun, pressing to secure. (via Martha Stewart)

17 Yarn Ball Pumpkin

Yarn Ball Pumpkin17. Yarn Ball Pumpkin (via CraftSanity)

18 Ruffled Fabric Pumpkin

Ruffled Fabric Pumpkin18. Ruffled Fabric Pumpkin: %%excerpt% (via Tatertots and Jello)

19 Yo Yo Pumpkin

Yo Yo Pumpkin19. Yo Yo Pumpkin (via Marie’s Home and Hobbies)

20 Water Bottle Pumpkin

Water Bottle Pumpkin20. Water Bottle Pumpkin (via Motherhood on a Dime)

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