50 Insanely Creative LEGO DIY Project Tutorials

46 LEGO Flash Drive Bracelet

LEGO Flash Drive Bracelet46. LEGO Flash Drive Bracelet: I have seen a number USB flash drives bracelets around and really liked the idea. It seems like a convenient way to keep a flash drive handy, though it does seem a bit geeky. Now I am not one to shy away from my inner geek, rather I figured I would take it to another level and make a Lego flash drive bracelet. (via ChrysN)

47 IKEA LEGO Table

IKEA LEGO Table47. IKEA LEGO Table: TOKI WOKI. Visual, dev, music, more. (via TOKI WOKI. Blog)

48 LEGO Crayons

LEGO Crayons48. LEGO Crayons: Hey Folks, Here is a quick an simple way to recycle old crayons (or use new ones) to make really cool lego crayons. A friend recently made some of these as a present, and being an avid lego fan (and father to a growing fan) I had to try these out. You will find tons of tutorials on the web on how to make these, and to be honest you could make crayons from any time of silicon mold you have. I bought my mold on ebay for about £4, but if you are super adventurous, here are some Instructables by other members on how to make silicon molds. http://www.instructables.com/id/Worlds-easiest-silicone-mold/ http://www.instructables.com/id/Two-Part-Silicone-Casting/ http://www.instructables.com/id/Using-Silicone-Caulking-to-Make-Molds/ Enjoy (via scooter76)

49 LEGO Cable Holder

LEGO Cable Holder49. LEGO Cable Holder (via Modernistic Design)

50 LEGO Earrings

LEGO Earrings50. LEGO Earrings: Using a few simple materials you can create LEGO earrings with this Easy Lego Earrings Craft Tutorial (via Coupons are Great)

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