50 Insanely Creative LEGO DIY Project Tutorials

26 Calm Down Jar

Calm Down Jar26. Calm Down Jar: A twist on the classic calm down jar. 2 Ingredients.. Shake.. and wait! Great for calming anxious children (via Lemon Lime Adventures)

27 Balloon Powered Car

Balloon Powered Car27. Balloon Powered Car: A rainy afternoon and a restless boy is the perfect condition for creating a balloon powered Lego car! (via The Crafty Mummy)

28 LEGO Sewing Machine

LEGO Sewing Machine28. LEGO Sewing Machine: LEGOs, LEGOs everywhere I even have LEGOs in my coffee cup every day. My little ladybird puts one in each morning with a great deal of exuberance. It is our funny ritual. She goes running to get a LEGO when she first sees me with coffee in hand. Speaking of LEGOs dum da da dum, drumroll please. so many people who read this blog or have stopped in for a visit are just here because of the little LEGO sewing machine that I made while daydreaming during a LEGO-building session with the kiddos two years ago (see post here). My little LEGO Bernina gets a lot of love on Pinterest. (via Carrie Bloomston)

29 Switch Plates

Switch Plates29. Switch Plates: Buying a new house is awesome because you get a whole clean slate to decorate. You know, put all those HGTV things to work that you sat and watched idly over the past six years. Putting the boys rooms together has been a highlight of the new house. Their spaces are so much bigger. BigBrother Continue reading LEGO Switchplates Brighten Up the Boys Rooms (via Stop Drop and Blog)

30 Cute LEGO Snowflakes

Cute LEGO Snowflakes30. Cute LEGO Snowflakes (via Pink Stripey Socks)

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