50 Insanely Creative LEGO DIY Project Tutorials

41 iPhone Camera

iPhone Camera41. iPhone Camera: Be the life of the party when you start taking real photos with a Lego camera!!! In reality, this is just a case for an iPhone 4, but the iPhone 4 is a very capable picture taker and its small form factor makes it ideal for serving as the guts of this Lego camera. Difficulty Level: Easy Approximate assembly time: 30-45 minutes This design features an ornamental lens made of a wheel, a viewfinder, and a fake shutter release button. As you can see on the front of the camera, there is an opening for the actual lens of the iPhone. The back of the camera features a large opening which allows you to access the home button and the entire touch surface of the phone. An important convenience feature is the hinged door on the side for the camera which allows for easy insertion and removal of the phone… (via mkim00)

42 Space Lego Smiley Helmet Cufflinks

Space Lego Smiley Helmet Cufflinks42. Space Lego Smiley Helmet Cufflinks (via Cufflinks)

43 Double Lego Rainbow

Double Lego Rainbow43. Double Lego Rainbow (via LEGO Page)

44 LEGO Cufflinks

LEGO Cufflinks44. LEGO Cufflinks: When your husband also becomes the father of your child, there’s no question that the relationship changes immeasurably. You go through things together that you could never imagine as a footloose,… (via Kate’s Creative Space)

45 Coat Rack

Coat Rack45. Coat Rack: Check out this tutorial for a DIY Lego Coat Rack! (via DIY On the Cheap)

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