50 Insanely Creative LEGO DIY Project Tutorials

11 LEGO Necklace

LEGO Necklace11. LEGO Necklace (via The Long Thread)

12 Playable LEGO Ukulele

Playable LEGO Ukulele12. Playable LEGO Ukulele: Ross Crawford’s brick ukulele can be played and its four strings are tuned to C, F, A and D. This model has to be able to withstand the tension of 4 fairly (via Make)

13 Mini Figure Soaps

Mini Figure Soaps13. Mini Figure Soaps: Yes, friends, the Valentine’s season is upon us, and it’s time to find some non-caloric ways to say “I Love You.” (Just like Fred Rodgers used to say! Well, sorta. ) So this year, since Legos are all the rage at my house, I figured that some nice Mini Figs would be a great gift. But why just GIVE (via Crafttestdummies.com)

14 Family Portrait

Family Portrait14. Family Portrait: We are big into Legos over here. Finn was bit by the Lego bug right before he turned four, and after getting Legos for his birthday, he has amassed an impressive collection. I despise picking teeny bricks out of the carpet. I loathe fishing them out of the air registers. And when I step on (via Another Big Bite)

15 Earrings

Earrings15. Earrings: Make these simple Lego earrings using Lego bricks and a few basic jewelry supplies. Once your Lego earrings are complete, you can customize them with additional legos! (via 30 minute Crafts)

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