50 Insanely Creative LEGO DIY Project Tutorials

31 Headphones

Headphones31. Headphones: I decided to combine the two things that I love most: music and LEGO. This whole project took me about a month and a half, very on and off. I’m quite pleased with how the headphones turned out in the end, as they are sturdy enough to be tossed around in a bag. My favorite part is that I can take it apart any time to make repairs that may be needed on the go. No tools necessary! The only major problem is that there is a lot of sound escaping from the headphones. What would be the best way to insulate the sound? Any suggestions on how to make these better would be much appreciated! If you plan on making yourself a pair of these, a few words of advice: – Make them lighter and smaller so they don’t add too much weight to your head while indulging yourself … (via Justin Lam)

32 LEGO Shaped Gummy Candy

LEGO Shaped Gummy Candy32. LEGO Shaped Gummy Candy (via Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”)

33 LEGO Soap

LEGO Soap33. LEGO Soap (via Just Crafty Enough)

34 Washi Tape LEGO

Washi Tape LEGO34. Washi Tape LEGO: Transform your old Lego Duplo blocks with some washi tape. These washi tape lego duplo blocks are colorful and can be used for matching patterns! (via No Time for Flash Cards)

35 LEGO Stamped Gift Wrap

LEGO Stamped Gift Wrap35. LEGO Stamped Gift Wrap: This LEGO-stamped gift wrap is perfect for adding a personal touch to birthday gifts! Plus, it is a great art activity for LEGO lovers! (via I Can Teach My Child!)

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