50 Insanely Creative LEGO DIY Project Tutorials

36 LEGO Bookends

LEGO Bookends36. LEGO Bookends: When I first saw this bookend by Deborah Higdon I was suitably delighted by the cute design and well-crafted micro-scale train. And then I noticed the book. (via Brothers Brick)

37 Lego Keychains

Lego Keychains37. Lego Keychains (via Readapta 2.0)

38 LEGO Gift Boxes

LEGO Gift Boxes38. LEGO Gift Boxes: Download and print these Lego gift boxes. They would make perfect favor boxes at a Lego party, or just a fun way to give a small gift to a child. (via Lines Across)

39 LEGO Jewelry Crafts

LEGO Jewelry Crafts39. LEGO Jewelry Crafts: Show a bit of affection to your kids – or your hubby, wife or parenting partner – with these spiffy chain-link bracelet craft projects. (via Metro Parent)

40 Specimen Art

Specimen Art40. Specimen Art: Supplies Shadow Frame Metal Sharpie Metal Cutters Lego Magnet Figures Lego Star Wars Specimen Art Tutorial Remove the back of your frame, matte, and glass so all you have is the frame. I bought a roll of metal a few months ago for my Valentines Countdown frame. I had a lot of metal left over…Read More (via Makoodle)

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