55 Creative DIY Gift Wrap Project Ideas For Any Occasion

51 Easy Yarn Gift Wrap

Easy Yarn Gift Wrap51. Easy Yarn Gift Wrap: I love recycling things around the house to use as gift wrap. There is no need to go out to buy anything fancy. All I had to do here is wrap around yarn and tie it off in a knot. The easiest thing Ive done all week. (via Smitten on Paper)

52 Love Letter Gift Wrap

Love Letter Gift Wrap52. Love Letter Gift Wrap: This pretty gift wrap is decorated with your own handwriting or calligraphy making a very personalized statement of love. (via Lia Griffith)

53 Face Font Gift Wrapping

Face Font Gift Wrapping53. Face Font Gift Wrapping: There are presents that call for ruffles and lace, and presents that call for fun and games. For the later we’ve designed these fun face package faces to lend a nod of whimsy for birthday gifts this year. They will make your gift memorable, no matter what is inside. I love how each little package (via A Subtle Revelry)

54 Balloon Bow

Balloon Bow54. Balloon Bow (via Giver’s Log)

55 Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes

Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes55. Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes: These paper pyramid gift boxes are so unique and really easy to assemble. They also come with a free printable template. (via Lines Across)

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