55 Creative DIY Gift Wrap Project Ideas For Any Occasion

41 Sleepy Lion Gift Wrap

Sleepy Lion Gift Wrap41. Sleepy Lion Gift Wrap: Turn a plain brown paper package into an adorable and whimsical present with this sleepy lion gift wrap. Just add some geometric paper shapes. (via Let’s Wrap Stuff)

42 Paper Gift Bag

Paper Gift Bag42. Paper Gift Bag (via Hello Sandwich)

43 Wax Paper Bow

Wax Paper Bow43. Wax Paper Bow: #ElmersHoliday, #Cbais, #GlueNGlitter, DIY Wax Paper Bow, Gift Wrapping ideas (via Whipperberry)

44 Chalkboard Gift Tags

Chalkboard Gift Tags44. Chalkboard Gift Tags (via Oh The Lovely Things)

45 Gift Box out of Cereal Boxes

Gift Box out of Cereal Boxes45. Gift Box out of Cereal Boxes: B.Light Design – Designs and projects by Ben Light (via B.Light Design)

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