55 Creative DIY Gift Wrap Project Ideas For Any Occasion

16 Embossed Metallic Gift Tags

Embossed Metallic Gift Tags16. Embossed Metallic Gift Tags: Elmers recently sent me a Craft It! box full of cool craft tools and supplies, and I created these quick and easy metallic gift tags in support of their new Craft It! Community, where you can find lots of inventive… (via Paper Crave)

17 Leather Stamped Tags

Leather Stamped Tags17. Leather Stamped Tags: I recently picked up a leather stamping kit and I’m pretty pumped about the possibilities! Wallets, purses, journals, bracelets I want to stamp everything (!!!). So, it’s a set of metal stamps with a metal setter tool that you use to hammer each stamp into the leather to leave a permanent impression. Basically, it’s just short of magic (really, really loud magic!). Supplies: -leather stamping kit (letter stamps, setter, hammer) -leather… (via A Beautiful Mess)

18 Cut Out Heart Wrapping Paper

Cut Out Heart Wrapping Paper18. Cut Out Heart Wrapping Paper: Guys! I kind of have a thing for gift wrapping lately and… Read more (via The House That Lars Built)

19 Pencil Idea

Pencil Idea19. Pencil Idea (via Adelle)

20 Potted Amaryllis Gift Wrap

Potted Amaryllis Gift Wrap20. Potted Amaryllis Gift Wrap: Use these crepe-paper wraps — inspired by amaryllis petals — to dress up amaryllis plants you give as presents. They will cover the plain plastic pots and serve as gift wrap. (via Martha Stewart)

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