55 Creative DIY Gift Wrap Project Ideas For Any Occasion

31 Pocket Gift Wrap

Pocket Gift Wrap31. Pocket Gift Wrap (via willowday)

32 Doily Gift Wrap

Doily Gift Wrap32. Doily Gift Wrap: wrapping pretty presents all day today. I’ve always loved brown paper packages tied up with string but this year i decided to use doilies for an added dose of pretty. i think they look lovely. XO! (via Bleubird)

33 Watercolor Gift Wrap

Watercolor Gift Wrap33. Watercolor Gift Wrap (via Julep)

34 Twine and Hearts Gift Wrap

Twine and Hearts Gift Wrap34. Twine and Hearts Gift Wrap: Today we have a fun and adorable DIY for you. One of our favorite things is wrapping gifts to make them look extra special. After all, a beautifully wrapped gift is a present in itself. Our gift wrap heart garland is super easy and will make everyone fall in love with your gifts … [Read more…] (via Smitten on Paper)

35 Cupcake-Paper Carnations

Cupcake-Paper Carnations35. Cupcake-Paper Carnations: Baking liners make sweet gift toppers for Mother’s Day, or anytime. Nesting pastel papers in different sizes — petit four, mini muffin, and cupcake — creates fluffy blooms that will add a flourish to beribboned presents. (via Martha Stewart)

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