55 Creative DIY Gift Wrap Project Ideas For Any Occasion

21 Wrapping Gifts with Shirts

Wrapping Gifts with Shirts21. Wrapping Gifts with Shirts (via DIY How-to, Style, Design)

22 Pom Pom Paper

Pom Pom Paper22. Pom Pom Paper (via The Paper Mama)

23 Mouse Gift Wrap

Mouse Gift Wrap23. Mouse Gift Wrap: Make an entire family of holiday mouse-wrapped gifts to put under the tree and watch children’s faces light up when you ask them who stole the cheese! (via Handmade Charlotte)

24 Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Furoshiki Gift Wrap24. Furoshiki Gift Wrap (via Evermine Occasions)

25 Cross Stitched Gift Tags

Cross Stitched Gift Tags25. Cross Stitched Gift Tags: Everyone here at The Pretty Blog loves giving creatively and that’s why we adore how Blankspace has decided to give as the festive season approaches. You have got to love such a generous heart – especially one so creative! (via The Pretty Blog)

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