50 Cute Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

6 Sushi Baby Costume

Sushi Baby Costume6. Sushi Baby Costume: It’s time for tricks and treats! Before you blow a bundle on your baby’s costume, check out these DIY Halloween costumes made from onesies you may already have. (via She Knows)

7 Bluebird Halloween Costume

Bluebird Halloween Costume7. Bluebird Halloween Costume: Everyone loves the cheerful bluebird. This costume captures the complexity and beauty of the bird’s plumage with simple creases, stitching, and snipping. Moreover, it slips on and off easily and won’t restrict a baby’s motion. Dressed for trick-or-treating, your fine feathered baby can stretch his wings. (via Martha Stewart)

8 Baby Bat

Baby Bat8. Baby Bat (via Betties N Brimstone)

9 Baby Flower Costume

Baby Flower Costume9. Baby Flower Costume: An Awww-inspiring costume for your growing baby (via Parenting)

10 Baby Goldfish

Baby Goldfish10. Baby Goldfish: A first costume should be as cute and cuddly as the wearer, and one made of feathers, wool, even scales, when sewn in quilted felt, will be just that. Use the simple soft designs here to ensure that your little one is adorable in her new skin. (via Martha Stewart)

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