50 Cute Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

31 Bumblebee and Flower

Bumblebee and Flower31. Bumblebee and Flower (via Masterworks Studio of Decatur, Georgia)

32 Little Frida

Little Frida32. Little Frida (via Oh Happy Day)

33 Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs33. Deviled Eggs: Learn how to make clever costumes at home for your kids at WomansDay! (via Woman’s Day)

34 Eco-Friendly Felt Baby Owl Costumes

Eco-Friendly Felt Baby Owl Costumes34. Eco-Friendly Felt Baby Owl Costumes (via Shannon Stoughton)

35 Baby Sheep

Baby Sheep35. Baby Sheep: A cute, cuddly costume, made with a sweatshirt (and no sewing!) (via Parenting)

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