50 Cute Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

11 Popeye Costume

Popeye Costume11. Popeye Costume (via CraftyBitch)

12 Baby Puppy Costume

Baby Puppy Costume12. Baby Puppy Costume: You won’t be able to resist cuddling up with your baby in this get-up (via Parenting)

13 Baby Roast Turkey Costume

Baby Roast Turkey Costume13. Baby Roast Turkey Costume: You can create viewer Isabelle Ortley’s fun and adorable baby Halloween costumes at home. Although the general process to create Isabelle’s original costume follows, no two costumes are exactly alike. In the end, any costume you design will be memorable and guaranteed to be loved by your friends, family, and, of course, baby! (via Martha Stewart)

14 Pigeon Costume

Pigeon Costume14. Pigeon Costume (via Mom Inc Daily)

15 Candy Corn Costume

Candy Corn Costume15. Candy Corn Costume (via pretty kitty knitty city)

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