50 Cute Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

46 Mummy’s munchkin Baby Onesie

Mummy's munchkin Baby Onesie46. Mummy’s munchkin Baby Onesie: Today I am sharing with you my Mummys Munchkin baby Onesie I used an inexpensive onesie I bought from Walmart , some large googly eyes, and one package of gauze. Here are the supplies, plus a glue gun and a sewing machine. I think you would be just fine to use Liquid Stitch (via Craft-O-Maniac)

47 Maked Owl Costume

Maked Owl Costume47. Maked Owl Costume: Give a fledgling aviator wings in the form of a felt owl costume. Contoured brown and white feathers, made by cutting and creasing the fabric, adorn the wings and belly; perked-up ears are attached to a jaunty pilot’s cap. Goggled peepers enhance the look. (via Martha Stewart)

48 Football Onesie Costume

Football Onesie Costume48. Football Onesie Costume: It’s time for tricks and treats! Before you blow a bundle on your baby’s costume, check out these DIY Halloween costumes made from onesies you may already have. (via She Knows)

49 Baby Lion Costume

Baby Lion Costume49. Baby Lion Costume: You won’t be able to resist cuddling up with your baby in this get-up (via Parenting)

50 Baby Lobster Costume

Baby Lobster Costume50. Baby Lobster Costume: Let your baby ruffle her feathers or flip her tail; our easy-to-sew disguises are inspired by animals babies adore. (via Martha Stewart)

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