50 Cute Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

26 Baby Butterfly Costume

Baby Butterfly Costume26. Baby Butterfly Costume: An Awww-inspiring costume for your growing baby (via Parenting)

27 Baby Pie Costume

Baby Pie Costume27. Baby Pie Costume: Be sure to use nontoxic paint and glue in this project, as some babies like to chew on the costumes. When placing your baby on a table, make sure that the sides of the table are protected, and always watch that your child does not roll. When using berries and other garnishes, be aware of any choking hazards.More Halloween Costumes Roast Turkey Costume Lobster Costume (via Martha Stewart)

28 Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland28. Alice in Wonderland: welcome to our life. (via Mishalulu)

29 Peter Pan’s Escaped Shadow Costume

Peter Pan's Escaped Shadow Costume29. Peter Pan’s Escaped Shadow Costume: My children don’t get to dress up for Halloween at their schools. Instead, around here, we have the Literature Day Parade. A day to dress up in a costume of a character from a favorite book (coincidentally timed right at Halloween!). It’s always fun, but this year, I think we have what will probably be my favorite DIY costume of all time. (via Tikkido)

30 Crayon Halloween Costume

Crayon Halloween Costume30. Crayon Halloween Costume: It’s time for tricks and treats! Before you blow a bundle on your baby’s costume, check out these DIY Halloween costumes made from onesies you may already have. (via She Knows)

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