130 Unique DIY Christmas Tree Project Ideas that Anyone Will Love

6 Christmas Tree Made from Books

Christmas Tree Made from Books6. Christmas Tree Made from Books: We have a slight obsession for books and old book stores (happened after we said adios to the TV). So this year we decided to bring our love of books to a whole new level by making a Christmas tree from them. I saw the idea on Facebook, and knew it was perfect for our (via Family Sponge)

7 Jute Christmas Tree

Jute Christmas Tree7. Jute Christmas Tree: Creative, cheap, and chic decorating ideas for your home. (via Thrifty and Chic)

8 Cardboard Christmas Tree

Cardboard Christmas Tree8. Cardboard Christmas Tree: Create your own Makedo Cardboard Christmas tree these holidays. All you have to do is download the template file available here on instructables and go to mymakedo for some parts. NOTE: We have recently changed to new Scru parts so just replace each pair of Repin and Reclip in the instructions for a single Scru. (via makedo-able)

9 Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Honeycomb Christmas Tree9. Honeycomb Christmas Tree: How to Make a Christmas Tree Out of Honeycombs (via Studio DIY)

10 Christmas Tree Stand Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Stand Christmas Tree10. Christmas Tree Stand Christmas Tree: Think outside the Christmas tree box and get creative with unique Christmas trees. This is the most unique idea I’ve ever seen! (via Eclectically Vintage)

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