130 Unique DIY Christmas Tree Project Ideas that Anyone Will Love

26 Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar26. Advent Calendar (via Stylizimo Blog)

27 Cupcake Liners Christmas Tree

Cupcake Liners Christmas Tree27. Cupcake Liners Christmas Tree: We have been playing with Christmas patty pans (aka cupcake liners) at our place. We have mentioned previously our huge addiction to cupcake liners. We found the perfect red gingham liners for our Christmas baking, and discovered we had plenty of other patty pans in Christmas colours in our ever growing stash so it was time…Read More (via A Spoonful of Sugar)

28 Wire Trees

Wire Trees28. Wire Trees: Decorate for Christmas with Wire Trees! Have you got any craft wire? Then you can make a small Christmas tree in a couple of minutes. (via Morning Creativity)

29 Twinkly Wall Christmas Tree

Twinkly Wall Christmas Tree29. Twinkly Wall Christmas Tree: Wall trees are a great space saving idea for Christmas decorating. (via Tara Dennis)

30 Shimmer Tree

Shimmer Tree30. Shimmer Tree: Tara Dennis shares her secrets for style at home with the best craft and decorating ideas for classic interiors, colours, and life style. (via Tara Dennis)

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