130 Unique DIY Christmas Tree Project Ideas that Anyone Will Love

96 Modern Cardboard Christmas Tree

Modern Cardboard Christmas Tree96. Modern Cardboard Christmas Tree: Artist and designer Courtney Wotherspoon created a cool cardboard Christmas tree to serve as a holiday guest book. (via Chatelaine)

97 Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree

Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree97. Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree (via Two Shades of Pink)

98 Hand Drawn Christmas Tree

Hand Drawn Christmas Tree98. Hand Drawn Christmas Tree (via Sweet Paul Magazine)

99 Simple Cardboard Christmas Tree

Simple Cardboard Christmas Tree99. Simple Cardboard Christmas Tree: YAMF Holiday Handmade is sponsored by Kollabora, the community for makers. Here’s an idea for trees you don’t have to water or put a fence around so your kids don’t break the orna (via You Are My Fave)

100 Clothespin Christmas Tree

Clothespin Christmas Tree100. Clothespin Christmas Tree: Create your own easy decorative clothespin Christmas tree. A beautiful DIY project with many possibilities by Nest of Bliss! (via Nest of Bliss)

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