130 Unique DIY Christmas Tree Project Ideas that Anyone Will Love

16 Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree

Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree16. Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree (via At the Picket Fence)

17 Metallic Sea Shell Christmas Trees

Metallic Sea Shell Christmas Trees17. Metallic Sea Shell Christmas Trees (via At the Picket Fence)

18 Cabinet Knobs Christmas Tree

Cabinet Knobs Christmas Tree18. Cabinet Knobs Christmas Tree (via At the Picket Fence)

19 Jingle Bell Tree

Jingle Bell Tree19. Jingle Bell Tree: I bought some gold jingle bells on clearance at the end of last season. I wasn’t thrilled about the color, but they were so cheap, I knew I couldn’t pass them up. I had some white spray paint and some Krylon Glitter blast to try. I separated out all of my bells according to size. I […] (via Jennifer Rizzo)

20 Space Saving Christmas Tree

Space Saving Christmas Tree20. Space Saving Christmas Tree: If you live in a smaller home, you know that Christmas trees take up a lot of valuable space during the holidays. Space that you may not have to spare. Right? So why not try this fun and fringy DIY alternative Christmas tree idea, that towers over 6 feet tall, but takes up virtually no space at all. Oh, and by the way, it also makes the perfect holiday photo backdrop. Pretty cool, huh? Here’s how to make your own giant wall art Christmas tree at home. Supplies: 5 pieces of 20×30 white foamcore or mat board fringe scissors… (via Curbly)

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