130 Unique DIY Christmas Tree Project Ideas that Anyone Will Love

11 Pumpkin Seed Christmas Tree

Pumpkin Seed Christmas Tree11. Pumpkin Seed Christmas Tree: Easy Christmas craft project using pumpkin seeds to make a cute Christmas tree. Follow these simple DIY instructions for a cheap and easy holiday project. (via Unskinny Boppy)

12 Ornament and Driftwood Christmas Tree

Ornament and Driftwood Christmas Tree12. Ornament and Driftwood Christmas Tree: a great upcycling idea – use old ornaments and driftwood to make a simple Christmas tree craft (via the space between)

13 Ornament Tree

Ornament Tree13. Ornament Tree: This table top Christmas ornament tree can be made in 1..2..3.. easy steps! Truly one minute and you are done. Step-by-step photo tutorial | In My Own Style (via In My Own Style)

14 Easy Ribbon Tree

Easy Ribbon Tree14. Easy Ribbon Tree: The holiday season is busy enough without spending hours crafting decor and DIY gifts, so a few friends and I created some super simple holiday ideas for you that we’ve called Christmas in a Minute. (via Making Lemonade)

15 Bead Board Christmas Tree

Bead Board Christmas Tree15. Bead Board Christmas Tree: Last year I created a Christmas tree using scraps of bead board from samples that I got from a cabinet shop. I gave the full tutorial on how to create the bead board Christmas tree here. This year, I decided she needed a face lift before I displayed her in my house again. Here is the BEFORE: Last year I liked the randomness of the wood colors. This year I thought it looked kinda sad and patchworkish. SO, with {Read More} (via Unskinny Boppy)

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