130 Unique DIY Christmas Tree Project Ideas that Anyone Will Love

121 OLED Christmas Tree

OLED Christmas Tree121. OLED Christmas Tree: Recently the OLED research team over at General Electric unveiled the world’s first OLED Christmas Tree! Forging ahead of the usual end-of-the-year slowdown, GEs Global Research Center headquarters in Niskayuna, NY rang in the holidays with a 6-inch-by-15-ft. (via inhabitat)

122 RAM Tree

RAM Tree122. RAM Tree: Adam from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia just sent in this picture of their awesome christmas tree which you see above sitting on top of a b (via Geeks are Sexy)

123 Beer Bottle Tree

Beer Bottle Tree123. Beer Bottle Tree: 11 Ultra Geeky Christmas Trees (list) (via Gadget Review)

124 Organized Shelf Christmas Tree

Organized Shelf Christmas Tree124. Organized Shelf Christmas Tree (via Sofas and Stuff)

125 Money Christmas Tree

Money Christmas Tree125. Money Christmas Tree (via The She Made…)

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