130 Unique DIY Christmas Tree Project Ideas that Anyone Will Love

66 Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree66. Pallet Wood Christmas Tree: Make an pallet wood Christmas tree. Step-by-step instructions for creating a pallet wood Christmas tree. Use pallet wood to create this diy project. (via Thistlewood Farm)

67 From Trash to Trees

From Trash to Trees67. From Trash to Trees (via Vintage with Laces)

68 Wood Spool Christmas Tree

Wood Spool Christmas Tree68. Wood Spool Christmas Tree (via Bliss Ranch)

69 Simple Dreamy Feather Trees

Simple Dreamy Feather Trees69. Simple Dreamy Feather Trees: DIY Feather Trees (via It’s Overflowing)

70 Wood Scrap Christmas Tree

Wood Scrap Christmas Tree70. Wood Scrap Christmas Tree: OK, so I have been dying to share this project with you guys for months (literally)! This year our church has been going through a series called The Story. Its not the Bible, but it is all scripture put into chronological order so it reads like a novel. With The Story we just happened to…Read More (via Atkinson Drive)

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